Twistix Peanut & Carob Flavor

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Get fresher doggy kisses with the scrumptious peanut and carob flavored Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats. Half of this twisted chew is packed with peanut butter flavor your dog already can’t get enough of, and the other half is full of carob, a tropical plant that is packed with fiber, nutrients and flavor. Dogs won’t be able to resist this yummy smelling dog treat, the twisted texture helps clean teeth while giving your pup something delicious to chew on.This treat freshens breath, helps remove plaque and tartar, and gives your dog an outlet for their chewing urges. The irresistible dual flavors of Peanut & Carob combine to make this tasty treat. Wheat sensitive and corn sensitive pups can enjoy this treat too, because Twistix Dental Chews Peanut & Carob are wheat free and corn free. It satifies the dog’s natural urges to chew. Deter destructive chewing with Twistix Dental Chews. Its unique shape makes it an ideal teething aid to alleviate discomfort by massaging gums. Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats are edible and safe to digest, gentle and safe for delicate teeth, and provide a safe outlet for strong chewing urges. It is made with natural high quality products and supplemented with nutrients. It comes in a chewy texture designed to promote daily oral health. Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats is completely digestible and has no residue, so it can be served as a tasty treat for dog with dental benefits. It helps in keeping your dog’s breath clean and fresh.


Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats (Peanut & Carob Flavour)

Dental Care Treat: Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats comes in a unique twisted shape and pliable texture making it an ideal treat for dogs, designed to promote good oral hygiene.

Premium Ingredients: Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats is made with all-natural, highly digestible ingredients and is free from wheat, corn, and soy.

Promotes Good Oral Health: Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats is designed to keep the good oral hygiene in dogs that help in freshening up breath.

Removes Plaque & Tartar: Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats is twisted in shape that encourages chewing and helps in removing plaque and tartar formation and buildup.

Tasty & Chewy Treat: Apart from providing dental benefits, Twistix Dental Chews Dog Treats makes a tasty treat for your dog in delicious Peanut & Carob flavour, formed in a unique chewy texture that helps clean down the gum line.


Soy protein concentrate, rice flour, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, water, tapioca starch, peanut meal, carob, carrots, natural peanut butter flavor, citric acid (a preservative), paprika, peanut oil, mixed tocopherols (a preservative)

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