Trixie Solitaire Strategy Game for Cats

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The Solitaire Strategy Game for Cats is perfect for your frisky feline. It is a toy that consists of a plastic board and seven ball-shaped covers under which treats can be hidden. With a bit of dexterity, your cat can push away the covers and get to the treats hidden beneath. This game mentally stimulates your cat and increases his pawing skills. A great game for indoor cats as well as cats that are getting on in age and therefore have restricted movement. Your cat will be busy for hours playing with this toy.

  • Dimensions : 20 cm
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Key Benefits

• Ideal for indoor or older cats
• A fun toy designed to encourage play
• Made with non-toxic material that is safe for cats of all breeds and ages
• Can be filled with treats which are dispensed as the cat plays
• Included booklet has tips and tricks on designing different games for your cat



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