Trixie Slicker Brush , Double Sided


– Gently combing of the fur.
– Apt for Top coat and base coat care for your pet.
– Made out of Plastic and Also has soft plastic/nylon bristles.
– Soft plastic bristles making it suitable for most cats and dogs.

BarknFurs Tips: Cats or Dogs with long fur or extremely detangle fur requires additional spray /serums to help detangle with ease. Check out the Spray/serums on BarknFurs


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Trixie Soft Brush Double Plastic/Nylon & Metal Bristles, helps care for the top hair and base coat of dogs fur. The soft plastic bristles are gentle on your dogs fur surely making it an painfree & hasslefree experience. Use the Brush to Clean, Shine & Smoothen Your Pet’s Coat. Plastiic Bristle helps Easily Removes Dirt, Dust & Dead Hair and helps with Healthy Hair. Soft plastic/ Nylon bristles making it suitable for most cats and dogs. Suitable for All breeds Dogs & Cats , All Age ,All Type Fur- wire haired, long haired and short haired breeds.

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 17 × 8 cm

10 x 17 cm


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