Trixie Dog/Cat Slicker Brush With Brush Cleaner



  • Gentle care for topcoat and base coat
  • With wooden handle
  • Chrome brush base
  • Extra soft wire bristles
  • With brush cleaner
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BarnFurs  Tip: Different brushes have different uses:

Type of coat – Short-haired, long-haired, double-coat, hypoallergenic coat, wire-haired coats and curly-coats

Best for –

  • Eliminating mats
  • Preventing knots and tangles
  • Removing dirt and debris
  • Spreading natural oils evenly throughout the body
  • Massaging

When to use? Slicker brushes can be used throughout the year. They work best when used at least once every day alongside additional brushing tools that your dog may benefit from.

How to use? It is best to brush in the direction of fur flow. Some mats are hard to remove, and in that case, holding the mat between your fingers and gently tugging on it with a slicker comb works better than brushing all at once.

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13 x 9 cm


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