Trixie Dog/Cat Grooming Glove



Grooms the coat while petting

Stimulates the blood flow

Frees the coat from dead hair and dust

Fit all sizes of hands

Gently massages

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Trixie Dog & Cat Grooming Glove for Regular Coat Care

Trixie Grooming Glove takes care of the coat while petting your dog or cat and at the same time stimulates the blood flow. Your pet gets a massage and you free the coat from dead hair and dust. It keeps its natural and healthy shine. This grooming glove is especially suitable for short-haired breeds as hard brushes or combs would cause them unnecessary pain.

This Grooming Glove grooms the coat while petting it and the gentle massage stimulates the skin. This product ensures a silky and shiny coat. Also suitable for sensitive skin or young animals.

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Dimensions 12.10 × 10 × 9 cm

25 x 14 cm


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