Trixie Dog/Cat Deshedding Massage Brush Rubber


Key Benefits

• Non Toxic
• Removes knots tangles, mats and loose fur easily
• Made from Soft rubber with a non-slip grip
• Suitable for pets with short as well as long hair
• Won’t remove spot flea treatments

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Product Description

Trixie Germany Dog Cat De-shedding brush Rubber removes dirt, adds shine and makes brushing a breeze. This ready to use, brush makes brushing your pets hair a breeze while you collect all the loose fur that would otherwise end up on your furniture. It quickly penetrates mats and tangles and gently removes knots. This unique product helps make brushing time fun. This new design removes mats, tangles, knots and loose hair from your pet’s fur coat in a jiffy. Suitable for pets with Short as well as long hair. This double action brush also massages your pet while you brush them. The simple rubber bristles help keep your pet clean and tear free.

Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 12.10 × 10 × 9 cm

13 x 9 cm


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