Trixie Cats Dental Hygiene Set

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Trixie Cats Dental Hygiene Set is a Important product required to maintain proper oral hygiene in your kittens and adult cats. It has 50 gm cheese flavor toothpaste and two differrent type of brush. Trixie Cats Dental Hygiene Set reduce plaque and tartar and provides fresh breath. It ensures maximum effectiveness.

  • These trixie care products are easy to use and clean teeth
  • For the cat’s complete dental care
  • Contains: Toothpaste with 2 toothbrushes with 3 different heads
  • Package color may vary
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Ingredients (toothpaste): sorbitol, quartz, deionized water, croscarmellose, titanium dioxide, sodium benzoate, cheese fragrance, methylparaben,  sodium saccharin

Cat teeth, ears and eyes need special care. The eye care wipes or the eye care balm clean cat eyes gently. Tear stains can be removed with the tear stain remover. Ears are cleaned with our ear drops and wipes, and for cleaning the teeth, we offer special tooth brushes and gels with beef flavour for cats.

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