Trixie Aloe Vera Shampoo

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Trixie Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo is made with natural Aloe Vera that gives a healthy volume to the coat and brings a natural sheen and also reduces the excessive shedding of hair. It is also suitable for revitalizing the coat, nourish the dry skin and also maintains the pH level. It is made to suit all types of coat and gently removes tangled hair and lock the natural oils.


Trixie Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo (250 ml)

For Sensitive Skin Dogs– Trixie Aloe Vera shampoo comes with the goodness of Aloe Vera that retains moisture in the skin and has a mildly anti-bacterial effect which works well for sensitive skin.

Reduces Excessive Shedding– This grooming essential contains vital substances that reaches deep in the roots and reduces excessive shedding.

Makes Coat Fluffy & Smooth– The Aloe Vera base in this shampoo not only locks moisture in the skin, but also provides nourishment that makes coat shiny, fluffy and smooth.

Prevents Tangle Formation– Trixie dog shampoo gently loosens stubborn tangles and also prevents the formation of the same, especially in long hair dogs.

Nourishes Dry Skin– This shampoo with the goodness of botanical extracts gently nourish the dry skin and also maintains the pH level that eradicates skin allergies.

Product Description

Trixie dog shampoo range focuses on various aspects to meet all the different needs of dog fur and that owners consider important. The right shampoo for fur care is everything!
Trixie aloe vera dog shampoo specially made for pets with sensitive skin. It absorbs all the germs, and moisture removes dirt leaving pets skin soft and smooth. This dog shampoo is easy to use. Bath your pet with this Trixie aloe vera dog shampoo for dogs to groom and stay fresh!

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250 ML


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