Kittos Chicken Jerky Strips Cat Treat

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Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is a tasty treat packed with the nutritional goodness of chicken which contains protein. Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty and easily digestible snack filled with nutritional benefits for your cat’s health. It contains no added sugar and empty calories which helps maintain weight. These cat treats are made with fresh meat and packed with proteins to promote a healthier and shinier coat. Cat treats are a great way to keep your felines motivated and active. Keep rewarding your cats to reinforce good behavior. Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is made with balanced nutrients and provides a variety of health benefits for your pets well-being. It is suitable for feeding as a snack and to show your pet love with some indulgent pampering!

Store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

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Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats

Suitability: Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is made with a unique formula designed to suit all cat breeds, older than 3 months.

Healthy Snack: Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats are rich in protein and made with superb quality fresh meat and with no added sugar or empty calories.

Easily Digestible: Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is made with good quality ingredients which provides a pure, tasty and easy to digest snack.

Perfect Reward: Kittos Chicken Jerky Cat Treats is a perfect reward for enforcing good behaviour in your furry friends.

Chicken 43.2%, Sorbitol 2%, Starch 1%, Glycerol 3%

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