Canino Kare Santegut

  • 250 Grams in the Container.
  • Aiding in Digestion.
  • Managing a Healthy Weight.
  • Improving Diabetes Mellitus
  • fibre is a great resource for a dog’s digestive tract
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Important of Fibre to Dogs:

Fibre is excellent at “moderating” the transit time in the digestive tract. When it is too fast (for example diarrhoea) it can slow it down. Where it is too slow (constipation) it can help speed it up.
Consider fibre as the goldilocks ingredient. You need enough whilst avoiding too much.Ideally, you are aiming for your dog to pass one to two stools per day. These should be firm and relatively small, especially compared to the kibble variant!
SanteGut psyllium seed husk powder & Air dried beet root powder with Slippery elm bark powder aids a number of intestinal disorders in dogs including diarrhoea, constipation & anal gland issues.
Santegut encourages natural and easy expulsion of waste from the dogs body and improves the digestion

Santegut is an efficient blend of natural and organic ingredients like Psyllium Husk powder, Airdried Beetroot powder, and Slippery elm Bark powder with zero preservatives and additives

Psyllium Husk :
The psyllium comes from a herb which is known as Plantago ovata
Psyllium husk is a source of soluble dietary fibre, it is excellent for relieving irritable bowel syndrome and constipation and is capable of protecting the colon and removing toxins.
Treats Diarrhoea by absorbing the excess water and fluid in your dog’s intestine, and helping to treat his watery stool.
Treats Constipation when your dog has too little fibre in their diet.
Treats Anal gland issues by helping to increase your dog’s stool size to help them express their glands more naturally.
‘Beet powder:
Red Beets powder help fight inflammation.
Red Beets powder help detoxify the body.  The pigments in red beets hook up with unwanted toxins to neutralize and rid them from the body.  In doing so, these pigments protect healthy cells from the toxins, including cells in the brain and liver.
Balances fluid in the bodyJust like human

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