Boo Boo’s Best SuperFood Nuggets Cat Treats (Whitefish)

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Boo Boo’s Best Super Food Nuggets Cat Treats – Whitefish – 57 g

Healthy & Digestible: It is made with fine Whitefish from the USA, which is full of nutrients and protein, which will surely boost your Cats health and energy. This treat can be flexible so it is very convenient to digest.

Succulent & Tempting Flavor: Its texture is flexible type with nutrients and vitamins to make your cat healthy and strong, with a tempting wild Whitefish flavour that your cat will not be able to resist.

Ideal Meal : This meal is a perfect reward for enforcing good behavior in your furry friends. These tasty treats for Cats encourage them to stay active and playful.

Researched and Tested: It has been researched and tested in the laboratory to ensure that the treat is very hygienic, safe and full of nutrients for your best friend needs to stay healthy and happy.

Superfood for a Reason : its pink gorgeous color indicates it is a rich source of the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin which has many health benefits for heart, nervous system and skin.

Key nutrients: A combination of of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which benefits joint, skin, coat, heart, and immune system health. Add to it terrific blend of superfood coconut flour, fruits, veggies and spices and look out!

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Product Description

Boo Boo’s Best Super Food Nuggets Cat Treats is a premium meal filled with nutrients and vitamins to make your cat healthy and strong. It produces tasty adventures that feed your cat’s playfulness and boundless curiosity. With a tempting Whitefish flavour that you’re Cat will not be able to resist. It comes in small form so it’s convenient for you to feed and carry while easy and fun for them to eat. It has no added sugar or empty calories, which helps in weight management. These cat treats are made from Whitefish are high in protein to ensure a healthier and shinier coat. It blends taste and nutrition that will make for a healthy delicious treat for your Cat every day. You can rest assured that it is the perfect reward that your favorite canine deserves. Your pet will definitely love this treat, it will energize them to have a cheerful day!

To ensure freshness, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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