Bio-Groom Super Foam Coat Dressing

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Super Foam Coat Dressing, specially designed by Bio-Derm Laboratories is the most effective, most economical and safest Coat Dressing available. Super Foam gives the body to the coat and manageability for fluffing and grooming – leaving the coat in top show condition! Excellent for coated breeds. Easy wet and dry combing. Prevents mats and tangles. Never feels stiff, tacky or oily – no build-up on the coat. The Lanolin in this Coat Dressing helps in preventing dryness of skin and coat. Does not contain alcohol, lacquer or any other harsh chemicals. All ingredients in this superior Bio-Groom product are of the finest cosmetic grade.

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Key Benefits

  • This Lanolin enriched styling mousse gives body and hold to the coat while leaving it full and manageable.
  • Excellent for all breeds, it never leaves hair feeling stiff, tacky, or oily.
  • Easy wet and dry combing.
  • No build up on the coat.
  • Does not contain lacquer or any other harsh chemicals.
  • Non-polluting aerosol.
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